pottery marbles
pottery with glaze
pottery after kiln
pottery before kiln
pottery statue of comet
pottery bowls with faces
flames from pottery kiln
pottery sculpture with horns
pottery kiln fire
pottery kiln
dried pottery snake
pottery wood kiln

Welcome to Potbaker.com. In these pages I’d like to introduce you to my one-of-a-kind clay work. I’ve been making my pots for about 40 years. My first pots were low-fired, bright colored electric  kiln pieces, and I had a brief flirtation with Raku, but I soon discovered my true love of high-fired stoneware with its  strength and subtle charms. I learned to build my own kilns, and over the years I’ve built about 12. I began with oil-fired, but currently I use a propane-fired car kiln or a wood-fired kiln, depending on what the pots demand.

Many of the pieces featured on this site are for sale, and I welcome  e-mail questions about the work.  Much of what I do is strictly one-of-a-kind (most of the sculptures) and some is limited  production (things like cups and bowls).  Many of the limited production pieces are available in several different glaze choices. The best method of payment currently is by money order.

Thanks for your appreciation of my work!