Where some of my friends can be found online…

Pottery Related:

  • George Ohr – A many-faceted Genius.
  • Clint Swink – Excellent Research of Anasazi Pottery Art and Production Methods.
  • Horseshoe Mountain Pottery – Wood-fired and Salt-glazed pots by Joe Bennion.
  • Sour Cherry Pottery – Pottery of Tony and Sheila Clennell.
  • Leslie St. Clair – Leslie makes excellent pieces using Celtic designs in addition to functional and decorative work — her angels are powerful!
  • Wayne Ferguson – Fine work in several mediums from a Louisville Master Potter.


  • Peach Pie Band – Musical Group that I sit in with from time to time.
  • Max Seigel – good Jazz composer and solid Bass Trombonist with much Big Band experience.
  • Marc Fields – A good guy, super teacher, and wonderful trombonist.
  • Kinky Friedman – Songwriter, Musician, and Mystery Writer.
  • James Q. Jacobs – I found this amazing site when I looked up Canyon de Chelly just for the heck of it, and was so surprised and delighted to find many visual treats, information about archaeology, plus something about cone 10 pottery and other links of much interest to me. All in one surprise visit!