My work has always been one-of-a-kind with some limited production. I make gallery pieces and sculptures and many cups and bowls and tableware pieces, but I’m always making subtle and not so subtle variations in clay body, size and shape, and glazes used. About one third of my pieces are wood-fired. Pieces may be purchased by contacting me.

Greg SeigelMy thanks go first to Andrew Epperson (Website Design) for being so devoted to the whole project. His skills and many hours are greatly appreciated. My huge thanks also go to my brother Bob whose permanent “loan” of his Sony Mavica digital camera have added many possibilities to my world.

I guess my next level of thanks goes to all those friends and appreciative patrons who have continued to purchase my work all these years. Finally, I’d like to thank so many people who have influenced my aesthetics. My parents presented me with a copy of Bernard Leach’s “A Potter’s Book” on my 25th birthday, not long after I began messing in the mud and breaking almost all the rules of my first clay teacher Cheri Glaser. I’m mostly self-taught, although this phrase is inadequate in that it leaves out all those sessions over coffee with my fellow potter friends Mike and Allan and Marshall and Gerhard (these last two have made it to just about every wood firing, and their ideas about clay and glazes and humor make a lot of things better). The lessons learned from demonstrations by Paul Soldner, Byron Temple and Warren MacKenzie are priceless. The phrase “self-taught” doesn’t address at all the coaching and visual input of other heroes of mine: Michael Simon, Ron Meyers, Ruggles & Rankin, and so many other pottery masters around the world whose work I salute. And the phrase “self-taught” neglects to take into account all the wonderful pots I get to handle and use and learn about which are in the personal collections of friends like Sarah and Ed. I’m blessed to have such a thank you list.